Racks for the cable-laid drums

Drum shelves and the BEG Shelving Shelf System provide a well-arranged and space-saving storage of cable drums of all kinds. Screwed shelves can be felxibly modified to new, changed conditions - the consequent extension of racks is of course always possible.

BEG cable reel rack system enables:

efficient storage, handling and visible control of all types of cable supplied
from the reel. The bolted framed systems allow racks adapted to meet varying requirements, because the racks can be adjusted and supplemented with extra components. 

•  All accessories are easy to install into the racks

•  All components such as beams, cable reel holders, feet and ground fixings are included

•  Adjusted for different diameters of drums, adjusted for different diameters of drum axis

•  Loading capacity up to 4000 kg

•  The cable reel bars must be ordered separately

•  Easy manipulation with handling instruments

•  Designad mainly for electronics wholesales nad electronics producers

•  Complete project solution, income and manipulation process

•  Delivery within 4 calendar weeks after clarification of specification

Racks for the cable-laid drums