Beg Bohemia is leading Czech specialist for racks and rack systems since 1996. We provide complete projects and supply of storage, archive, office, and selling interiors.

Spheres of activities of Beg Company

- Supply and assembly of rack systems – racks of all types.

- Sale of metal, office and selling furniture.

- Projection and consulting of investment unit equipment.

- Production of atypical racks and other solutions.

- Consulting and selling of manipulation devices.

- Own transport services.

Why to choose racks by Beg Bohemia

- We are progressive company following new trends and technologies in our branch.

- We provide complex fitted solutions.

- We guarantee claimed technical parameters, safety, and health safety of our products.

Who we supply with our racks

Various companies and institutions rely on solutions by Beg Bohemia:

- Storages, logistic centers

- Archives and records offices of all types

- Courts and prosecution

- Banks

- Museums and galleries

- Hospitals

- Revenue departments and other offices of public service

Contact us, if you need more information about racks or other solutions.